Main features

Free Point Cloud Viewer


Free DTM Viewer


Free Vector Viewer


Overlay Data Layers


Point Cloud Hosting


3D Data Sharing

Customize your display

The Lidarvisor Point Cloud Viewer allows you to import and visualize a point cloud in LAS format. You can customize the display by viewing by color, class, intensity or elevation.

Online LiDAR data viewer

Create a free account and start viewing and sharing your 3D data


View Your Point Cloud

View your point cloud data online. Get a free account to upload up to 5 Go of data.


Share Your Data

Share your point clouds with your collaborators. They will be able to view your point cloud using a simple link.


Host Your 3D Data

Host your point clouds online and allow your team to access the data from anywhere.

3D data Platform

How Our Platform Support Online 3D Data

Point Cloud Viewer - Metz Temple Neuf

Powerful Point Cloud Viewer

Our streaming servers are optimized for viewing 3D data on the web.

Cloud Data Optimization

Your data is converted into a format adapted to the web allowing a fluid visualization without latency.

Point Cloud Viewer - Plane

Create a free account and get 5 Go of storage

Create a project uploading your point cloud in LAS format then eventually upload your DTM and vector data.