Main features

Point Cloud Segmentation


96% Overall Accuracy


Suited for Urban & Rural Areas


Adapted to Steep Terrains

3D Point Cloud Segmentation

With the Lidarvisor platform, effortlessly classify your LAS-format point cloud. In just a single click, Lidarvisor segments your data into distinct classes: ground, vegetation, and buildings.

Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Effortlessly upload, seamlessly classify, and intuitively view your point clouds



Upload and host your point clouds online, empowering your team with remote access to the data from any location.


Streamline point cloud classification to categorize your data into distinct groups: ground, vegetation, and buildings.



View your point cloud data online and filter your point clouds by class.

Lidar Data Software

How Our Platform leverages AI to classify point clouds

Lidarvisor - Point Cloud Segmentation

Classify point clouds with no settings

Seamlessly, our classification algorithm handles any terrain type without parameter adjustments, be it flat or steep, urban or rural.

The Power of LiDAR and AI

Lidarvisor algorithms leverage deep learning models to provide a powerful classification tool that requires no configuration. The result is good on the first try.

Lidarvisor - Point Cloud Classification

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